Petra Harte

Travel Manager
Sopra Steria

Petra Harte has worked in business travel for almost 15 years. Starting her career as a corporate travel booker for a privately held software company in 2005 and being promoted to Travel Manager in 2007, she successfully implemented a new Travel Programme achieving 98% compliance to online booking and 100% compliance to policy. In 2015 she made the move to join a large IT Solutions company shortly after they had been through a merger. They have a complex structure which incorporates two joint ventures with the public sector. In this role Petra manages the travel strategy for the UK including the selection of suppliers and technology and works closely with Procurement to ensure supplier selection is ethical and fair. She also manages a small team of travel bookers who support a variety of travellers around the business.

Of the business travel world Petra says, “It’s an addictive area to work in, an environment which constantly changes and keeping up can be a challenge, but that’s what keeps you engaged and on your toes”.