Jeff Martin

Founder & CEO
Tribal Planet, Inc

An altruistic innovator and inspiring entrepreneur, Jeff Martin has spent his career applying innovation to multimedia product design. His work as Senior Executive at Apple, dubbed him the “Steve Jobs’ Marketing Whiz” in 1997. Jeff was instrumental in the multimedia marketing strategy, design and launch of numerous digital music and video products, Power Mac, iMac and Mac OS X, as well as Apple’s growth in China.

In 2008 Jeff founded Tribal Technologies playing a pivotal role in the evolution of the mCommerce industry. His merger with Tribal Brands in 2016, resulted in Tribal Planet Inc. A company which has been recognized by the United Nations as the having had the greatest technology impact globally of all Silicon Valley companies. Most recently Jeff has joined a flagship program for Sustainability and Climate Change. His role as A chief disruptor is to bring innovation, technology and science to the needs of climate change