Dr Lucy Rattrie

Lucy is a Chartered (BPS) Psychologist, with a Ph.D. in business travel wellbeing and a passion to create health, happiness and wellbeing in workplaces around the world. She is also a certified psychological profiler and psychological coach in health, wellbeing, happiness, stress, resilience, emotional intelligence, values and performance; psychometric assessments; and risk assessments for work related stress. Lucy is a lecturer on topics of positive psychology, researcher in the area of business travel wellbeing to uncover new, inspiring insights that are truly valuable. She loves working directly with people to improve wellbeing and with organisations to improve capability and sustainability, synergistically integrating science for better decision making and action. She is published on topics of wellbeing and is a member of several groups; including the Institute of Travel Management, Global Business Travel Association, British Psychological Society, International Society Coaching.