Wednesday 1 May 2019

As British Airways celebrates it Centenary, Alex will share his insights on the future of the travel industry during a keynote and Q&A session and describe how the airline is looking to ELEVATE to the next level through innovation and investment in customer experience”


  • Alex Cruz

    Chairman and CEO
    British Airways

Session 3A

Hall 4
Distribution & NDC - Who Cares ?
Despite all of the publicity and conversation, a recent study showed that 89% of Travel Managers didn't understand the impact of NDC.  Is this because the conversation has focussed on distribution?  In this session we will look at the misconceptions around the NDC conversation and highlight the opportunities for a managed travel programme that NDC can bring - what is the vision and how does One Order fit into the discussion?

Session 3B

Room 101 - Time to rid the world of the pain points
"What are the processes that are pain points for you in the travel industry?  Are you fed up of the way the travel industry does things?  Is there another way?
Room 101 will bring a series of industry  experts to the stage who have a grudge against a process or product!  They will pitch why it should be condemned to Room 101 and what the alternatives could be to make life easier for everyone.
Come along to this session to hear new ideas that could replace old habits!"

Session 3C

Is your programme as good as you think?
We all know that there is room for improvement in our travel programmes, but what is right for one is not necessarily right for another.  Listen to how similar decisions can derive different results and benchmark your own needs and decision making.

Session 4A

Hall 4
Innovation Lab 2019
See the new technology innovations brought to life in a fun and informative PechaKucha session!  Presenting 20 images in 20 seconds per slide - this breakout will give you a flash overview as to what is new in the market and how it could work for you!  With time for a more detailed discussion after the pitch, this vibrant session is guaranteed a few laughs and a lot of information!

Session 4B


How to combine M&E/SMM and Travel into a single function / Event Management technologies

Session 4C

Stanmer Tony McGetrick
To Bid or Not To Bid…..
Going to tender costs everyone involved excessive time and money so is there a better way?  During this session industry experts will discuss the alternatives and how best to challenge the status quo