Tuesday 30 April 2019

Session 1A

Hall 4

Developing cultural Intelligence (CQ) in a Global working environment

What makes up cultural intelligence? How can you work effectively in a multi cultural environment? This session will provide tangible steps for developing cultural intelligence (CQ) that you can adapt and flex in developing your cross cultural awareness and effectiveness in any environment!

Session 1B

It's not you, it's me - Are you job happy? 
In this session we will discuss the results of a recent ITM survey about what makes us happy at work?  Is it your job, lack of resource, time, your boss or is it you?  Find out how your happiness radar benchmarks against the rest of the industry and what you need to do to achieve job satisfaction and career progression

Session 1C

Stanmer Alice Linley-Munro
Balancing Goals with Wellbeing
FACT: Helping to create the right balance for travellers to protect their mental and physical health is key to optimise their performance and reduce attrition rates.  Learn through academic research and industry collaboration, how strategies to improve performance can be established.

Session 2A

Hall 4

Is AI going to be the future of travel? - nope, it's already here!

Join us for this fun and informative session! How does artificial intelligence relate to travel? Can it provide better service and cheaper prices? How good can AI be in a service industry? In this session, we will hear from a subject matter expert before exploring what AI solutions are in the market that can help Travel Management TODAY... without breaking the bank!

Session 2B


Driving compliance in challenging environments - stakeholder management and influencing

Session 2C

Stanmer Anne Barlow
Raising your Personal & Strategic Game
Being able to promote your role and function is not easy when you have so many stakeholders to engage with but it is critical if you wish to be successful.  Learn what you need to do to raise your game and get positively noticed.