Thursday 3 May 2018

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Moderator Martin Ferguson explore the way different business functions see travel. Is it a cost? An investment? A duty of care issue? A differentiator?

Speakers Larry Phelan (EY), Catherine Swan (Kerry Group) and Neil Gates (Oil Spill Response) discuss how buyers and suppliers must engage their leadership teams to achieve transformational outcomes.


  • Larry Phelan

    Chief Procurement Officer
  • Catherine Swan

    Regional Finance Director
    Kerrry Group
  • Neil Gates

    HR Director
    Oil Spill Response

ITM’s Industry Affairs Group explores the big issues affecting the business travel industry and provides ITM resources and positioning statements to help guide our members through them.

In this session IAG Chair Will Hasler and fellow ITM Board Director Ben Harper will outline current priorities and invite delegates to join the IAG for a session to set its priorities for the coming 12 months.


  • Will Hasler

    Chair Of the IAG
    Institute of Travel Management

Session 3A

Hannah Reid James Filsinger Jane Haynes Juliet Howie

Getting The Compliant Results

Achieving compliance across a travel programme challenges various business practices and the culture within an organisation. A good policy will naturally achieve a healthy compliance level. But compliance goes beyond the policy. Frequent travellers are often the worst at challenging compliance but now need to be more accountable especially when cost savings are desired. What can you do to balance all the agendas and still have happy and productive travellers?

Session 3B

Nicola Foster Graham Ross

Fixing a broken process: RFP Tennis

For years, we have all dutifully followed the well trodden path of the RFP. BE it hotels, air or TMC sourcing, one size fits all just doesn't seem to be the answer. We pitch the suppliers vs. the buyers in this innovative session during whoich you can decide for yourself who is really holding back progress!

Session 3C

Anne Barlow

Get to the point! - Adapting your communication style to influence your stakeholders

What do your stakeholders really think about travel? Are they engaged, confused or simply wondering when their gold card is up for renewal? Do you even know who they are? This interactive workshop will make you more aware of your own personal style and how you can use the FARE engagement model to make a real impact.

Session 4A

Martin Stevens Hannah Richardson Tony McGetrick

Benchmarking Your Programme
Buyer Case Studies

Benchmark your achievements against two buyers with different programmes who've had to deal with challenges and changes whilst evolving their programmes. Find out what the GBTA MTI scores recommend they do next.

Session 4B

Trevor Elswood Mark Ruttledge Ryan Ferros


Big data - the answer to all of our problems or another buzzword? Many corporations are employing data scientists but WHAT do they actually DO and HOW can we apply the learnings? We invite you to provide the top 5 data challenges affecting your programme today and our panel of experts will tell you how you can solve them.

Session 4C

Glenn Thorsen

What's Blockchain Got To Do With It? Virtual Payments and Digital Currency 101

Blockchain – we’ve all heard about it, we’ve all googled it but have we actually seen it in action?
We will take you through the basics of Blockchain, its applications and some real life examples in travel today with plenty of time for questions, level-setting and even a bit of Blockchain bingo! Oh, and we will be doing a live demo!
Note: If you don't have a clear understanding of Blockchain by the end of this session, you will get your money back (in Bitcoin, obviously).

Following our keynote speaker, ITM Chair Karen Hutchings, CEO Scott Davies and Conference Moderator Chris Elmitt bring the Conference content to a close by reflecting on what we will all take away from Aviemore and sharing the thoughts of our delegates.

We will also unveil the destination of ITM Conference 2019!


  • Rana Walker

    Principal Consultant
    GR&AT Management