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The business travel community and ITM membership base is diverse, inclusive and supportive. Covering all industries and size of businesses as well as individual’s length of service and expertise.  It’s important we continue to learn from each other and celebrate our successes with a view to continuous innovation and proactively building a sustainable and forward-thinking business travel industry of the future.

Award categories

Award nominations are open – to nominate a colleague or put yourself forward, click on the relevant nomination form. We’ve simplified our application process, so they can be completed online via  or by downloading the nomination forms below. The deadline for submissions is 9th April. If you have any questions, contact

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Below you’ll find a snapshot of the evaluation criteria used by the Judging panel. Follow our simple questions within the application form and take comfort that you’re halfway to success.

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Criteria The contribution, relative to the travel programme or industry has…
Impact Made an extraordinary impact on the development or growth of their role/ travel programme/industry - including potential advancement and evolution
Influence Significantly influenced:
1. stakeholders within their business
2. the work of others or across the industry
3. another more defined but critical audience or region
Innovation Broken new ground with original thinking/creativity that has established new ways of working, eliminated significant obstacles, or accelerated stakeholder or buyer engagement/buy in
Reach Significantly impacted reach within key audiences or specific geographies

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