The ITM Hall of Fame pays tribute to the ITM Achievement Award winners, ensuring we continue to recognise and celebrate the incredible impact our members make within their procurement categories, travel programmes, with ITM and across our business travel community.

These individuals have displayed excellence and made significant contributions to either the organisations they work within or the industry.  They have also been recognised through the Chairman’s award, having demonstrated ITMs core values – ‘connect, educate, inform and inspire’

The business travel community and ITM membership base is diverse, inclusive and supportive. Covering all industries and size of businesses as well as individuals length of service and expertise.  It’s important we continue to learn from each other and celebrate our successes with a view to continuous innovation and proactively building a sustainable and forward-thinking business industry of the future.

It’s for these reasons we wish to inaugurate our Hall of Fame and encourage our membership to share their successes through our awards programme each year.

A snapshot of the evaluation criteria used by the Judging panel;

  • Impact: The contribution has made an extraordinary impact on the development or growth of their role/ travel programme/industry – including potential advancement and evolution.
  • Influence: The contribution, relative to the travel programme or industry, has significantly influenced: 1) stakeholders within their business 2) the work of others or across the industry; or 3) another more defined but critical audience or region.
  • Innovation: The contribution has broken new ground with original thinking/creativity that has established new ways of working, eliminated significant obstacles, or accelerated stakeholder or buyer engagement/buy in.
  • Reach: The contribution has significantly impacted reach within key audiences or specific geographies.

Our Award Winners 

Long Service/ Chairman's
Chairman's Award - Audrey Muir - 2020
Chairman's Award- Jason Dunderdale - 2019
Chairman's Award - Helen Hogkinson - 2018
Chairman's Award - Gianni Salvadori - 2017
Chairman's Award - Adam Simpson - 2016
Long Service Award - Mark Avery - 2015
Long Service Award - Geoff Allwright - 2014
Long Service Award - Ray Wooldridge -2013
Best New Travel Manager/Rising Star
Cristina Chimenti -2020
Roberta lorizzo-Ford - 2019
Robert Mayne - 2018
Lewis Bayne - 2017
Alice Linley-Munro - 2016
Charlotte Lowe - 2015
Nick Pickard - 2014
Gemma King - 2013
Travel Manager - National Programme
Ian Blackie -2020
Richard Childs - 2019
Imelda Aspinall - 2018
Anne Barlow - 2017
Claire Marsden - 2016
George Grund - 2015
Sharon Winstanley - 2014
Kate Constance - 2013
Travel Manager - Multinational Programme
George Grund - 2019

Tanya Eilliott - 2018
Nikki Rogan - 2017
Ryan Taylor - 2016
Tom Ellis - 2015
Celia Allbutt - 2014
Marnie Court - 2013

Strategic Meetings Management Programme
Cath Houlihan - 2019 ( collected by a colleague)

Jef Robinson - 2018
Michael Maddock - 2016
Richard Eades BP - 2014
Chris Watterson - 2013

Travel Team of the Year
UBS - 2019

Direct Line Group / Capita - 2018
Morgan Stanley - 2017
EY - 2016
Barclays - 2015
Credit Suisse - 2014



At the start of 2015, I moved into the newly created role at Oil Spill Response Limited of Global Travel Analyst in charge of the programme after three years in the industry as a booker and so winning the Rising Star award in 2016 couldn’t have come at a better time. It gave me a real confidence boost about my own abilities, but also demonstrated to OSRL that the leading professional body in the UK & Ireland had confidence in me too.


It also gave me more authority and self-assurance when presenting new ideas and concepts to our Executive Team to drive the programme forward as the first person in a programme management role. It acted as a catalyst too to encourage me to get more involved in the industry through ITM, getting involved in panels and projects, completing my Advanced Principles of Business Travel Management course before progressing onto the Global Travel Professional® qualification, and then joining the ITM Board of Directors in 2017.


Alice Linley-Munro – Rising Star 2016

I was extremely happy to have won the Meetings & Events Manager award in 2018, which made all the long hours and hard work worthwhile, and recognised, outside of my organisation. To win such an award with all the other great contenders was not only a surprise but an honour!


This provided additional verification to my company, and leadership, that what we’re doing is certainly worthwhile and in line with industry best practice.


Jef Robison, Citrix – Strategic Meetings Management 2018

Winning the ITM 2019 Achievement Award – Rising Star award meant a lot to me.
I was not tipped off in advance and was not expecting it, so I was completely shocked on the night.
I put my heart and soul into my work, and I am very passionate about my job, although it can be very demanding at times. To know that my hard work has been appreciated by industry experts, outside of the business, is very humbling.


Being so publicly recognised among your peers brings happiness along with the added responsibility which the judges have put on you, and this will motivate you to be consistent and worthy of that trust. You will meet those very people at all the events, and every year at the ITM conference, and will want to demonstrate the value of their recognition with a constant growth.
Winning this award is a validation of what I’ve achieved to date and to be picked among such high level of successful Travel Managers is flattering. Personally, I feel very proud to be able to set an example for my team globally, proving that hard work and being passionate about what you do, leads to success both within and outside the organization.
I feel privileged to hold a job I love, in a Company that allows me great opportunities, and showing that I put them to good use is the balance of my business commitment and industry involvement. It’s what makes me a good “corporate citizen”.
The award gave me added confidence and aided my personal growth, whilst respect and visibility in my role at work also increased. I was invited to several conferences, roundtables, webinars and selected events after that, and my industry networking has been much easier and natural. Of course this helped me in my job.
That’s why winning or being nominated for an award is so special. Because not only it feels incredible to have your efforts recognised by people outside of your day to day, by experts in their fields and by people who have no vested interest or agenda; but it’s also the public acknowledgement of the tireless work that has gone into your project, that ultimately benefits your personal brand.
If you have a team like I do, they will share this achievement with you. Your partners and suppliers will also enjoy and celebrate your recognition, and so will your superiors who always welcome positive publicity and associating the Company name with winning an award.
I now look forward to the 2020 conference and I hope that everyone, both nominees and winners will leave with a sense of being seen, heard, and appreciated in their endeavours and inspired to continue creating change and improvements on a micro and macro level.
There are so many important topics for the Travel Industry now, and first of all our duty to protect the environment and make a difference.
Being seen, and heard in the right place at the right time by the people that can make it happen… this for me, is truly where the power of winning an award lies.


Roberta Lorizzo – Rising Star 2019

I had absolutely no idea that I had even been nominated for the category – ITM Buyer Achievement Award 2015: Multi National Travel Manager. To be announced the winner on the night at the Gala Ball came as a complete shock.
I’ve been a member of ITM for more years than I care to remember and also have been serving as Vice Chair of the Scottish committee for a number years.


Therefore, it was a honour and a privilege to recognised in this way from colleague in both the buyer and supplier space. The award meant a lot to me and still does. It brought happiness along with a kind of fear. It brought fear because of the expected responsibility from my peer group and from within my organisation.
With that said, all turned out to be absolutely positive. Not only did it give me kudos personally but also raised the profile of the travel program of my organisation at the time and subsequent organisations since. To those who may be the future recipients of any of the Buyer Achievement Awards, embrace the pleasure and the deserved recognition it brings!


Tom Ellis – Travel Manager Multinational Programme 2015

Winning the ITM chairman’s award, whilst at Barclaycard Commercial Payments, was a huge and unexpected privilege. I was very proud to be recognised by ITM and the corporate travel industry and had no idea that my work or contribution would be noticed in such a way.


On a personal level, it gave me more confidence in what I do and on a professional level I felt very lucky to have received recognition from outside of my own organisation. It was a real career highlight.


Helen Hogkinson – Charimans Award 2018

Back in 2018, After being nominated by my boss, I won Travel Manager of the Year at the ITM conference. This really gave my career a boost, especially when I joined ITV shortly afterwards. From a career perspective, winning this award meant so much – I’ve been in the industry for 10 years and worked my way up from a Travel Ops role at KPMG.


I’m now the UK Travel Manager at ITV, a whole different world to corporate travel and an average day can include anything from managing tricky locations for Drama shoots, to negotiating group deals for hundreds of travellers on our larger Entertainment programmes.
I definitely feel my profile within the industry has been more visible since winning my ITM award – I’ve been asked to speak at a number of events, which have all been great experiences. I’m really grateful to ITM for having this award programme, which really can open up doors and create opportunities 🙂


Imelda Aspinall – Travel Manager National Programme 2018

It was a great honour to receive the award for Long Service from ITM back in 2014. In the 20 years plus that I have worked in the business travel industry, I have learnt so much, met loads of amazing people, and hope that in some small ways I have contributed back.


The ITM is a wonderful organisation that seeks to bind together all facets of the industry in a constructive, supportive and challenging way. I have developed my career and skills through the network that is ITM.


Geoff Allwright, Travel Manager UK Airbus – Chairman’s Award 2014